Though we of course operate radio stations, our title is much more a tribute to tradition rather than a real definition of what we actually do. Indeed, being born as a local radio station at the end of the last century, Armenian News Radio (Lratvakan Radio) is currently a radio station to the same extent that CNN is a cable network or TASS is a telegraph agency.
Lratvakan is a convergent platform delivering video, audio, print, and photo content to your TV-set, radio tuner, or digital devices via cable, terrestrial, and internet-based broadcast facilities. Be it on the TV or PC screen, radio waves, or inside a Smartphone or tablet, Lratvakan is a round-the-clock stream of news, highlights, comments, exclusive interviews, and discussions covering policy, economic, legal and social issues, national security, and all other aspects of a domestic and global agenda.
Lratvakan is the first and the only pay media in Armenia. A significant share of income is generated by the subscriber community that pays for watching, listening, and reading our content. The analogue terrestrial broadcasts as well as our audio and video streams on the internet and on all our mobile applications are free for all. The subscription fee is charged only for on-demand watching and listening. Those payments guarantee our financial independence, freedom of our speech, and diversity of opinions.


We believe that truthful information is not only the mission of media but also the tool by which the media’s mission is fulfilled. We see our mission as arranging a continuous, transparent, and constructive public debate over the challenges our society is facing which brings together employees and employers, business competitors, political opponents, taxpayers and benefit recipients, drivers and pedestrians, liberals and conservatives, believers and atheists together to foster the growth and development of the global community we serve. And there is only one tool that can make it all work – the Truth.
Can it be monetized? The answer is a big yes and, as an enterprise, we see our goal in creating genuine value for our subscribers, advertisers, viewers, listeners, readers, employees, shareholders, investors, and international partners through what we call “Truth Monetization”.


The Armenian World is the community we serve: the people of Armenia, the world-wide Armenian Diaspora, the ethnic minorities that we are happy to have among us, and our “native-foreigners” who love our country and have moved to live with us, who trust us and make investments in our economy, who study our language and culture, who consume the goods we produce, who visit our land just to rest and have fun with us, or who still haven’t done this but will definitely do in the future because he or she has Armenian friends, colleagues, and/or partners – in other words, all those fantastic men and women who share the excitement of Armenia’s rebirth after 700 years of political nonexistence.


Operating 3 different types of media services as a TV, radio, and news-agency, we aim to foster a level of integrity that will meet our understanding of what the media of tomorrow should look like: a TV channel that can be listened to without watching; a radio that can be watched without listening to; and a live newspaper that can be watched and heard in addition to being read.
Our vision is to build tomorrow’s media today, and we do our best to become the most trusted source of Armenia-related coverage available in all existing and prospective media formats and devices in every corner of the world. In other words, we must sound “even from an iron or a coffee maker” and be trusted and refillable even for those who do not like us.
As we go global, our next step is the speedy transition to multilingualism: we will do our best to make our content available to Arabic, Chinese, French, English, and Russian-speaking audiences as soon as possible. Our vision is to become the most reliable, most innovative, most global-oriented Armenian media.


In order to bring unique content which will be as comprehensive as possible we involve only the best people in its creation. The majority of our analytical programs are hosted not by journalists, but by the most respected specialists in each respective field. We are proud of our hosts and authors, who in addition to being public figures and media people are most importantly the driving force of the Armenian expert community, leaders of civil society, and also the locomotives of business, industry, and culture.
Another important feature to our viewers, listeners and readers, is that our newscasts are on air every 15 minutes – at the beginning, quarter, and half of each hour. This is the most dynamic news update from Armenia which makes our audience the first to know.


Freedom - We are sure that any society that is wise carries out the right decisions when it knows the truth, so we do not tolerate any form of information sorting or limiting. Any component of censorship is unacceptable.
Responsibility - Being the only private broadcaster of the “news & talk” format in Armenia, we believe that media which significantly impacts public opinion must not be interdependent with any state body, political party, or business syndicate. In any transition country where the spheres of business and policy are not fully separated, media that is concentrated only on the traditional advertising business model can easily get into such dependency at least indirectly. Our subscription model was launched (in addition to our advertising) in order to balance and diversify such risks.
Transparency – Lratvakan is a responsible taxpayer, fair employer, and а highly distinguished law-abiding enterprise. We believe that a media entity must be irreproachable in terms of its duties in order to have a moral right to criticize the ones who are not. We always adhere to the accords and promises we give. We respect our signature and never violate agreements. The obligation must be fulfilled even if the conditions are changed, even if the fulfillment would harm us.
Diversity – Diversity of opinions is the key to any successful discussion. We stand for the competition of ideas, philosophies, and viewpoints and we do our best to cover the reality from as many angles as possible.
Innovativeness – The spirit of innovativeness drives us forward. Until we have the will and energy to change ourselves every day we will never stop. Lratvakan is always in search of innovations that can make as faster, comfier, and more competitive. We are proud that our company is home for many technical and technological solutions and we are always open to share our experience.

The Lratvakan Story

Lratvakan is a flagship project of Impulse Media House – a company established in 1997 by Mr. Koryun Khumaryan who, being one of the pioneers of the broadcast industry in our country, has devoted more than half a century to media and journalism and successfully heads the enterprise till this day. The company is owned and managed by the Khumaryan family and we are proud that, despite unbelievable growth and corporate innovations, we succeeded to keep the atmosphere and traditions of а highly distinguished family business. Our Armenian enterprise is based, as it always has, on the age-old traditions of creativity, flexibility and quality.

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